Annie Viens Photographe | Professional Photographer
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About Annie

Immortalize the happiness of people, that’s a challenge I like! For me, the photo should not be staged, a lie, a false story. It must be above all authentic, true, and live and relive emotions palpable to people I photograph.

Who I Am

Annie Profile Photo

Authentic, simple, generous, and above all, a mother of two beautiful big girls, I am a professional photographer specializing in the photography of families, children, future mothers and babies, in studio or outside.


As a teenager, I was always the one holding the camera during events with friends. As the years went on, I developed a real passion for this medium. It was when I became a mother the first time that I truly understood the importance of immortalizing happiness.

In 2006, I started to take training in photography. Over the years, I specialized in portraits of children and families. Subsequently, my interest in motherhood and infant babies has grown.


Many renowned photographers inspire me daily, either by their work or by their business advices. In October 2018, I had the chance to participate in a workshop given in Ottawa with one of the best maternity and newborn photographers in the world, Ana Brandt.


What distinguishes me as a photographer is that I know how to capture, with sweetness, the big and happy moments of life: happiness to be in love, happiness to wait for a child, happiness to welcome a newborn, happiness to be together and to love each other, simply! I do not put technique in the foreground; what I am trying to capture with my lens above all is the emotion, the ways we interact, the small gestures, the looks, and the smiles.

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Certificate of Completion
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Annie Viens

Annie is an award winning photographer as the recipient of the AFNS Award in the Newborn Category. The AFNS AWARD is an international competition for photographers in the field of Newborn Photography & Maternity Photography.


AFNS Award Winner